Browning Public Schools is located in Browning, Montana in the heart of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The district serves approximately 2,085 students in grades K-12. Roughly 98 percent of students enrolled are American Indian and nearly 100 percent are economically disadvantaged. Although we may face many barriers it is the goal of the District to provide a curriculum that reflects Blackfeet and other tribal cultures, perspectives, and histories. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide a relevant, multicultural, and developmentally appropriate interconnected curriculum. It is through this belief that we were able to build a small library of resources. These resources are works written and produced by our own Blackfeet people. Together their contents reflect the cultural dynamics of the Blackfeet people. Over the years we have had questions and requests about these resources. We have decided to open them up on a bigger platform to the public for purchase. We hope that you enjoy them.